An Eras tour review

Reilly Mullen and Clare Christensen

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As of tonight, Taylor Swift is on her 14th show of “The Era’s Tour,” meaning she’s just over a quarter of the way done. I’m sure all of you Swifties have been keeping track of Taylor’s surprise songs, groundbreaking sets and stellar outfits on TikTok just like we were before the show. But because most of you Taylor fans at LOHS won’t be seeing the show until the cruel summer when the tour comes to Seattle, here’s everything you need to know about the tour.

We saw Taylor on the very first night she spent in Vegas. Obviously, everyone’s “The Era’s Tour” experience is going to be different, but we thought we’d provide a few tips about the show that we wish we’d known all too well before ours. 

First of all: merch. Prior to going to the show, make sure you’ve decided whether or not to get merch, as it will determine your plan for before the show. If you don’t want to get merch for whatever reason, go ahead and get to the show whenever you want. It took almost no time to get into the stadium. For those of you who do want merch though, I know places that you should go to get it. The best time to buy your merch is before the show, they might sell out of sweatshirts by the end. At Allegiant Stadium, there were five merch stands, two on the bottom floor, one on both the second and third floor and one on the outside. The merch stand in the front of the arena in Vegas had a labyrinth of a line that wrapped halfway around the stadium at 5 p.m., an hour and a half before the first opener and three hours before Taylor came on; if this is the case at your show, do not get into the line, be fearless and keep moving. If you go to the merch stand at the back of the bottom floor, you have a higher chance of getting merch before the show starts, as the line is probably shorter. What I would recommend is the buddy system because you can let one person stand in the line at the back of the first level and have the other buddy check the second and third level. Those will likely be shorter, but it’s nice to have a friend in case they aren’t, because the lines grow quickly. My group waited way too long to check the upper levels for merch and stood in a long line that we should’ve said no to at first sight, and ended up missing the first half of the first opener which made me a mad woman. On that note, if you are not okay with missing a bit of the openers, or you know that you are going to need to buy food at the show, show up before 5 p.m. The lines for merch will probably be much shorter before 4:30 p.m. so I would recommend showing up then. The sweatshirts were $75 and T-shirts were $45, they took card, cash and Apple Pay.

Another aspect that is important to consider is clothing. As you have probably seen people go all out for their style at these shows. It is amazing seeing not only all of Taylor’s gorgeous outfits, but also the other 60,000 people in the stands. The outfits range from a cowboy like me to bejeweled and there is tons of glitter and bright colors, so don’t be afraid to really dress up in style because I can almost promise there is no chance of overdressing. Remember to keep in mind though, the set is super long, around three and a half hours of just Taylor Swift, and that’s not even counting the openers and waiting in line for merch. Of course it’s amazing, but your feet are ultimately going to suffer death by a thousand cuts from standing that long. To ensure the best experience, make sure that your clothes are comfortable. Long story short, you should plan to wear shoes that aren’t going to cause you pain, and wear clothes that you can dance, scream and cry in.

All tickets are good tickets, so if you are stressing now about not being able to see the show, don’t worry. The show is amazing from every angle, and the stage allows everyone in the crowd to see her. Whether you’re behind the stage 400 levels up, or within reach of Taylor’s fabulous dress, there will be an invisible string tying you to her and you will have a great time screaming along to your favorite songs. The sound system is flawless and the screens do the concert justice from any angle. If you are planning on heading to the show without tickets, you will most likely be in luck, as ticket prices tend to rapidly jump then fall as the show draws closer. At the Vegas show, floor tickets that were up in the thousands when tickets originally went on sale were down to about 400 dollars an hour before the concert. 

Lastly, make sure you plan out your transportation prior to the show. The streets will be a mess so it may be hard to find parking, your best bet is to get an Uber and have them drop you off as close to the arena as possible. Also, make sure to order an Uber home before the concert ends and it’s time to go. Although it will be hard to imagine ever leaving as you will want to stay stay stay forever, being stuck without a plan to get home would be truly treacherous.You do not want to get stranded for hours waiting for a getaway car.

In the end it was truly an enchanted experience and we would do anything to go back and watch it again. It’s time to enter your “The Era’s Tour” era and be ready to go all out for what will surely be a night you remember forever and always.

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