Clue takes on State

Reilly Mullen, Social Media Manager

“Clue” first presented to Lake Oswego High School and the surrounding community, continued onto the state competition with the honor of performing in front of a massive audience. Every three to five years, theater teachers are allowed to present their plays to the judges.This year, teacher Bobi Bergh submitted “Clue” into the running and because they received such a high score they were chosen to perform at the state festival. 

Around 50 students were involved in this production and were given the opportunity to go to the performance down in Salem. Bergh was most excited for, “the students to get a taste of the professional theater world. I was also excited for them to perform for their peers around the state.” 

On Saturday April 15,  the cast and crew headed down to Salem. “They only had three hours from the time we loaded all the props and set into the theater until they had to perform the whole show. That is an impressive amount of time to get ready, and they finished 30 minutes early” said Bergh.

The show was full of humor, which got the crowd laughing and interested throughout the duration of the performance. Bergh also spoke on the feelings of everyone involved, “All are excited but anxious because the stakes were very high with this event. They were mainly excited but knew that this was a big deal and that they had earned this amazing recognition with hard work.”