LOHS introduces new student service: Pathazon

Hayden Bennet

A new service has entered our school community through Lake Oswego Senior Hayden Bennett, Pathways teacher Nancy Longman and principal Kristen Coyler.  They have begun developing and implementing a new delivery service to Lake Oswego called Pathazon. With the help of teacher Michael Noble, the service was named Pathazon (a cross between pathways and Amazon). This program delivers markers and papers to classes through the Pathways program. . “There is nothing worse than not having expo markers when they are needed,” Longman stated, sparking the idea of Pathazon. 

So far, Pathazon had cleaned out what was not being used in the supply room and put in more shelving. Coyler bought organizing trays and Longman contributed other materials. “The biggest thing is lots of organizing. There has been lots of counting, taking pictures of the products and there is work right now on a Google Form to place orders next year. The hope is to be able to use square for orders,” said Bennett. 

This project kick started in Applied Studies in the Pathways Program. Coyler hopes to enhance the project and to grow it, “We deliver school supplies as well as the boxes that come in from UPS and FedEx, we also are refilling the bottles for the dry erase boards because we want to refill and repurpose those,” Longman stated. The company encouraged students to talk to customers, deliver orders and organize the items for easy accessibility. 

Coyler stated, “This saves time for the office staff.” Head Secretary Becky Kaelin added on and said, “Lots of teachers need supplies and it helps for students to complete the deliveries.” This new idea made many teachers lives much easier and provided opportunities for students to practice real world skills and apply them.