Is San Diego State the new Cal Poly?

Gianna La Fond, Staffer

Last year’s class of 2022 watched a shocking number of seniors head off to Cal Poly for their next four years. As applications and acceptances started rolling out, so did the buzzing question of “how many students are going to Cal Poly?” However, a different California school began to emerge as the “go to” college. Located in the heart of San Diego, San Diego State University is known for its amazing weather, gorgeous view and good education. The unprecedented number of LOHS seniors attending SDSU has juniors and other seniors wondering, “Why?” 

Senior Kami Yocum stated that she wasn’t originally interested in the school, “I actually saw a TikTok about a weekend at SDSU and thought it looked super fun so I applied.” After touring, Yocum fell in love with the school, which seems to be a common sentiment shared between the around 12 LOHS students attending SDSU. 

Jordan Phillips expanded on the love of the campus, “I’m excited for a new atmosphere and less rain.” He’s right about the rain part, San Diego gets a fourth of the amount Lake Oswego gets. Along with this  “resort-like” feel, the campus sits 10 miles from the beach and 10 miles from downtown. According to Michelle Creitz, “the location, weather and culture” are all outstanding reasons to become an Aztec. However, for others such as Brady Wear it might be as simple as “the weather and the sorority girls.”

Another drawing factor of SDSU is the flourishing Greek life. As 12 percent of students are involved in a frat or sorority, almost every interviewee stated that they planned to rush. With 44 Greek organizations ranging from business fraternities to the classic Delta Gamma, it’s understandable why the sunny disposition found in San Diego encourages students to get involved on campus. 

As a surprising amount of students flock to one place, we asked the future students how they feel about going to school with so many past Lakers. Brooke Leach is “happy [she] will have mutuals who [she] can spend time with.” Leach also shares how big of an opportunity college is and how “it will also be fun to see how each of us grows in the new community.” 

However, a feeling of slight shock and confusion is present regarding how many Lakers are attending SDSU. Phillips shares again, saying, “I was surprised especially since I only heard of one person last year going there.” Yocum peers into her feelings, “I also chose SDSU because I thought no one was going to go there so I was a little frustrated that a lot of people are going but now I don’t really care.” However, 33000 students attend San Diego State University and as Brodie Heher shares, he doesn’t “mind so many people going because it is a big school.” When questioned on the topic, Wear simply replied, “I love my fans.”