New clubs form through the senate

Here are some of the new clubs and their main goals:

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

Senior Yoonie Shin started the Leukemia and Lymphoma society club with the goal of raising money to fund research in the area of blood cancer. She described her inspiration, stating,  “My friend [senior] Brenna Messner had leukemia, and we thought it would be a good idea to help other people with the disease.” She’s looking forward to having multiple fundraisers throughout the school year, adding, “I hope the money really helps the research overall, because there are so many people suffering.”

Be a Lifesaver (club name could change!) Club

After the success of the bone marrow drive last school year, Sophomore Emma Cory decided to expand it into a club, notable due to the fact that “We are the first ever high school club of our kind, partnered with DKMS – the organization that runs the [international] bone marrow registry.” The club plans to fundraise to cover costs of registering donors, educate the public about methods of donation, and most importantly, Cory added, “getting as many people into the registry as possible.”

Learn to Sail Club

“Last year, I was the only kid in the district that was doing sailing,” senior Mikaela Lee remarked. With the formation of Learn to Sail club, Lee hopes to get more students to join the Willamette Sailing Club, which she has been a part of for four years. Lee encourages anyone interested in learning more about the sport to come watch a practice or just try it out in a low-pressure environment. She commented, “[sailing] is a really unique and fun sport, I think a lot of people should try it.”

Laker Hype Club

Junior Cassidy Miller aims to create an effective outlet for communication between ASB and students to enable “people to be involved in leadership without being a part of the actual class,” encouraging anyone willing to participate in student surveys to connect with ASB to join the remind (@lakerhy). After realizing that only a couple sports like football and basketball were heavily showcased, she was driven to create a fun opportunity without the stress of commitment to encourage school spirit by “not just showing up to those sports but also other extracurriculars.”


Senior Peyton Poitras created EPCOT (Experimental Prototype Club of Tomorrow) with the hope of providing “a fun environment for people to discuss their favorite characters, movies, and attractions while learning something new.” Meeting once a month during support seminar, the club doesn’t demand too much commitment. Since she was a  freshman, Poitras had been considering making a club focused on Disney, and it became a reality this year. She expressed that “there are an infinite number of possibilities for this club and I am excited to see where the wind takes it.”

Chamber Choir

With the new Chamber Choir, senior Julia Dragu is looking forward to providing a welcoming space for students with a passion for music to meet and sing. Dragu emphasized the student-led structure that opens up opportunities to sing “music that we can really resonate and have fun with.” Along with the flexibility in music choice, Dragu describes how the club will add “chances for students to show off their instrument skills and maybe some solo opportunities,” complementing the group effort that comes with making music together.