2021 holiday door decorating contest

Natalie Foss, Managing Editor

To celebrate the upcoming holiday season, ASB organized a door-decorating contest between B6 classes. However, the competition was canceled because bows and wrapping paper are possible fire hazards that could result in having to pay fines for breaking the district’s fire code. This sudden decision to cancel this festive holiday activity stirred up some controversy amongst students and staff, as many put hard work into their decorations, only to find them torn down with no clear explanation. 

Mr. Hill was one of several staff members who expressed disappointment towards the cancellation of this holiday tradition. “Unfortunately, paper on doors was removed due to the fire code. We have asked teachers to put up decorations on the side walls just outside their door instead.” 

Although the idea of decorating walls rather than doors is better than nothing, many are still upset that this spirited competition was abruptly canceled. Hill continued, “This has been a long-standing tradition that brought a lot of joy to many people as they walked the halls just before winter break. I’m bummed it’s not the same.”

Sophomore Class Officer Lana Dezay had similar thoughts towards the situation. “While I understand school policies and I’m glad that the school cares about these types of things, I’m kind of disappointed that our work went to waste,” said Dezay. “I wish there was a little bit more communication before we started to decorate doors”.  

Although it may be a bummer that this festive competition was canceled, there are hopes that a safer alternative will take place to spread holiday cheer amongst our school. ASB put together a spirit week with fun dress up days for students to participate in which can raise holiday spirit leading up to winter break.