LOHS hosts Nike interstate shoutout

On Dec. 27-30 Lake Oswego High School will be hosting the Nike Interstate Shootout.

“Nike Interstate Shootout is all about the girls league and we want to promote that, we want to show the legacy of the league it’s been around for about 29 years, so there’s always been a really big tradition around all these amazing teams from all over the west coast coming to LO,” explained senior Sabrina Safari.

Safari is part of Coach Jake Anders’ Marketing two class, who is in charge of running and managing the shootout at LOHS. The school and marketing team decided to take this on because it is a great opportunity to show off the talent of the girls in this school and the west coast.

“Not only the fact that we get to play in it is amazing and is a gift but we also get to host it which gives us so many more opportunities,” Safari said.

There will be over 60 teams flying here to participate in the shootout. The marketing class and the basketball teams want as many people there as possible, to feel like the whole city is involved and are supporting the girls team. Games will be going on the entirety of four days and will cost $10 for entry.