The third season of ‘The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ is pretty chill

I believe I am not alone in saying that season three of “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” did not disappoint. The third season was released Jan. 24, 2020, and I admit I shamelessly binged all eight episodes in a span of three days (each episode being up to an hour long).

While being the most confusing season to-date, it also proved to be one of the most interesting seasons thus far. In the first episode, Sabrina is focused on getting her (very gorgeous) boyfriend, Nick, out of Hell. In the previous season, Nick imprisoned the Dark Lord (Lucifer£Sabrina’s father) within his body to save everyone, but mostly Sabrina.

In this season, she finds a way to Hell through a painting at Dorian’s, but he will only let her through if she retrieves a flower that will give him back the perfect skin he had before. She brings along Harvey, Theo and Roz and they all almost die, but hey, that’s no surprise in this show. To get Nick out of Hell, she would have to become the Queen of Hell.

In the midst of all of this subsequent chaos that ensues, Prudence and Ambrose are hunting Faustus Blackwood, who, in the previous season, ran away after attempting to kill his whole coven. Zelda and Hilda, unaware of Sabrina and her quest to become the Queen of Hell, are attempting to restore what is left of the coven.

The season certainly starts with a bang, but it keeps on giving throughout the course of its run. It was a show that I could not stop watching, each episode capturing my undivided attention and leaving me wanting to see what happens next. Somehow the creators of this show manage to infuse many disparate elements, such as time travel, a very attractive man made out of clay, ominous pagan witches and more, into eight tightly wound episodes. Each episode is jam-packed with surprises and action. If you do not enjoy a complex show with lots of things going on then this season is not for you. However, I found it very enthralling.