Sophomores share their thoughts on the Freshmen Class

The year of 2023 has already experienced a great deal of opprobrium from its upperclassmen. The class of 2023 is known for certain traits such as: hydroflasks (and I oop), scrunchies (sksksksksk), puka shells, and sAviNg tHe tUrtLeS. Or, in other words, they are classified as “VSCO girls.” The internet has made this fact clear, and is having lots of fun poking at this years class of freshmen. Although the internet might not be very welcoming to the class of 2023, female football player Sama Betros states, “I get a lot of support from all my teammates. They always hype me up and they are always really sweet, especially when I am on the field, which is really nice. I love all of them.” 

When freshmen were asked how they feel about their class, Jack Thompson responded,  “Our class is pretty cool, but I wouldn’t really classify it as a family type thing.” In contrast, Betros said, “I’ve known a lot of the kids in the freshman class for over 10 years of my life. I have gotten pretty close to all of them and I would definitely consider them as family.”

Something that has definitely been noticed about the class of 2023 is that they seem to be much more welcoming and open to all students, including students that are a part of the LGBTQ+ community. By the end of junior high, there were already numerous students from the class that had come out about their sexual orientation, which was pretty different compared to previous classes. 

Something that has also been duly noted by the other classes, is that there seems to not be as many “standout” athletes with this new freshman class. While they are still freshmen and have lots of time to develop as athletes, it seems as though people do not have too many high hopes about adding to many of the sports departments.

The new freshmen do seem to be enjoying their new lives at the high school, as Betros said, “Honestly I like everything. I really like the schedule, like A and B days. And I like the way the classes work and how teachers run their classes.” Of course, the new freshmen always like their newfound freedom, and it really is interesting to see how the new class tends to act.

So will the class of 2023 be a decent group of freshmen? Will they follow the social rules of not crowding in the hallways, going to the very back at football games, and not trying to sit anywhere else besides by the cafeteria? Time can only tell!