A virtual exploration of the dangerous Cave of Crystals

Emily Huey, The Rookie Staffer

Imagine this, you are wanting to go out and do something fun while you are having a vacation in Mexico. You find out about the Cave of Crystals and only look at the pictures, not even taking a peek at what the place actually is or even what to wear. You go there with your dashing husband in hopes that this experience will change your lives forever in the best way possible. But no, you pull up to the place and see nothing but a cave and a man handing out helmets. You and your husband walk up with your sandals and each put on a helmet. Your husband goes first and steps on one of the crystals. He slips on the edge of the pointy and sharp end of the crystal and gets stabbed in the neck. You see your husband hanging by his neck DEAD, well that ended horribleā€¦

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