Dr. Owen Griffiths teaches with both direction and magnitude

Isaiah Morris, Website Manager

Doctor Owen Griffiths, better known as “Doc G,” is LOHS’ very own physics teacher. Having graduated from the University of Illinois with a doctorate in physics, he teaches a variety of classes, such as Physics, AP Physics and an Engineering concepts class. Griffiths’ field of study primarily focuses on, “The equations and relations that explain why things happen in the physical world around us,” said Griffiths. 

“I think it’s neat to present something that students probably know a little bit about, but not all the details,” says Grifitths on his favorite part of teaching. “Being able to introduce new topics to students is a really interesting opportunity.” Griffiths encourages students by creating a positive learning environment, “I do jokes of the day, and there’s a calendar of puns. I get a laugh out of it, and the students seem to enjoy it.”

Outside of the classroom Griffiths enjoys playing chess, taking care of his dog Harley, reading the news and reading science fiction books, “I like books that focus on time travel, alternate dimensions, and other topics of the same vein.” 

Griffiths brings a fresh perspective to prospective engineering students, as someone who has worked in the private sector for many years before coming to LOHS, “Having an idea of what the job market looks like out in the real world is a valuable resource.The learning skills you develop here in high school will significantly assist you in whatever future path you choose to take. If you go to university, if you step right into the job sector, being able to take notes and organize your time is a crucial skill to have.” Griffiths came to LOHS in 2009 and has been working here as our primary physics teacher ever since. Despite having been moved around semi-frequently since his arrival here, Griffiths has adapted to his new room on the second floor well, and created a productive space to teach in. 

Over his 14 year career at LOHS, Griffiths has enjoyed many things about LOHS, but one thing stands out to him, “The student body comes in willing to learn.  Students come to school and there’s a motivation to learn something or do something new. A group of students with that attitude makes for a very positive environment.” says Griffiths. Over the past  “All the students are a great bunch.”