LOHS introduces new Farm to Fork elective

Clare Christensen, Opinions Editor

Calling all LOHS food fanatics! Starting next year, the culinary arts “prequel” class will be coming to the Career and Technical Education program (CTE), a program established to provide students with the academic and technical skills that are necessary for post-high school careers. To learn more about the origin of the food we eat and the process that takes it from “Farm to Fork,” you can sign up for the farm to fork class next year taught by LOHS teacher Rachel Popp.   

“We’re going to really be thinking about where foods come from and how we produce foods. Then the students can go on to the cooking class and learn how to make stuff with the foods.” said Popp. This expansion of the CTE program will explore foods from a different angle than the existing culinary arts class, focusing more on the farming and gardening aspect of food production.

The curriculum will also cover the business of farming, taking a look at Saturday markets, a place where local farmers can come together to sell their goods as well as the skills required to make money through farming. The class will learn about our region and explore crops and farming qualities that are unique to where we live. Students will be able to participate in plant sales and work with flower bouquets to experience how farmers make money in the Willamette Valley. 

With the help of the brand new greenhouse and garden coming to campus as well as local farms and vineyards, students at LOHS will be able to learn more about the food that they consume. 

The expansion of the CTE program will give LOHS students more access to real-life skills in the classroom or in this case, the greenhouse.