Lia Komitor: Studying abroad

Ava Brenden, Opinions Editor

While everyone else was fretting over finals, junior Lia Komitor had the experience of a lifetime. 

On Jan. 23, Komitor flew out to Hod Hasharon, Israel, where she would be studying abroad for an eight-week program. Among other things, Komitor studied chemistry, math and history, as well as a specialized course in Jewish history. But the curriculum was one of the least interesting parts of her experience in Israel. While she was there, Komitor crawled through ancient tunnels, floated in the Dead Sea and even rode a camel. 

“We went into these caves underground—they’re called the Bar Kochba caves—and it’s where the Jews would hide during war, and we would have to army crawl through. There was water up to our elbows,” Komitor said. Despite the caves having been flooded mildly the day before, Komitor said that the experience was amazing. “It was so fun. We got all muddy.” 

Additionally, the cultural experience of living abroad was outstanding. Komitor, who is Jewish, explained a Jewish tradition that she experienced while in Israel. “I experienced Purim, which is a Jewish holiday where everyone dresses up, and Tel Aviv is one of the big and popular places in Israel, so it was really fun. It’s just a giant celebration. There’s music and dancing everywhere,” Komitor said. 

Aside from all of the exciting adventures, there were a lot of less exciting experiences that were amazing as well. “[I was] in a room with four other girls, and we stayed in bunk rooms with a big common room in the middle.” The living areas were akin to dorms, with food stocked up for everyone to snack on. “I made some of the most amazing friends that I will hold onto for a really long time.” 

And for those who are considering perhaps taking their own journey abroad, Komitor suggested taking that leap of faith. “I definitely say even if it’s outside of your comfort zone, do it. This was very outside of my comfort zone and I don’t regret it at all. Don’t not do something because you’re afraid of it. Don’t hold back.”