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    Beauty and the Beast Graces LOHS

    “Beauty and the Beast” the musical is coming to LOHS this February. Tickets are currently on sale for $12, so be sure to get some before they sell out. The show is going to be spectacular with its articulate costumes, fun musical numbers and a retelling of the beloved Disney story. 

    Junior Connor Ramsey, who is playing Beast, said to “Expect a very Disney show. Expect a lot of great singing. We have amazing soloists and great actors. Some pretty interesting costumes that look better from farther away than up close. Expect some laughs, and expect a little bit of a different take on a classic show.” 

    This show is perfect for anyone who is nostalgic and loves a good fairytale. Following the plot of the original Beauty and the Beast story, this musical has everything from romance to comedy to drama. “You don’t have to like theater to come see it because it’s less of a musical and it’s more of a Disney movie,” said junior Zia Murphy, who is starring as Belle. “You’re going to come and see a Disney movie on stage, so if theater’s not your thing it doesn’t have to be to see this show.”

    A standout from this show is the LOHS drama department’s extravagant costumes and sets. You will be transported to the land of France, where the story takes place. “My costume consists of a ratty wig, velcro clothes and a big billowing cape that I love. The costumes really help us get into character. It’s very interesting, but I think the costumes are a great addition,” said Ramsey. 

    Murphy shared that her favorite part of the show is her costume. “My yellow dress is incredible, it’s so beautiful,” she said.

    The cast and crew have been busy preparing for the show’s opening this weekend. Ramsey said that they “are a week behind because of the snow storm so it’s pretty stressful.” But, they aren’t letting that stop them from putting on a magnificent show that will enchant the audience.

    Both Ramsey and Murphy are playing characters unlike any they’ve previously played. Ramsey characterized the Beast as “kind of a grumpy guy. He hates his life, until he finds a really wonderful woman that makes him want to turn his life around.” From an actor’s perspective, Ramsey is nervous about singing in front of a crowd for the first time. “I had to really change my voice for this part. I had to deepen it and make it more operatic to sound more like the Beast.”

    On the other hand, Murphy is trying to capture the perfection that Belle possesses. “I think being a part of a Disney production is really different than, for example, Legally Blonde. It takes a different kind of character building because the way that Disney crafts their characters it’s like they’re a little less human,” she said. 

    With songs original to the musical, vocal performance is an imperative aspect of this show. Beauty and the Beast will showcase some of Lake Oswego’s most talented vocalists who will truly blow you away. But don’t expect the repertoire to be limited to songs that you might be familiar with: “There’s a lot of different music that people need to prepare to hear because there are a lot of songs you won’t know,” said Murphy. 

    “The beauty of theater is that everywhere you go you’ll see a different take on the characters, and that’s something that I love. We’re all doing our rendition of our characters and the show as a whole,” Murphy explained.

    Immerse yourself in the world of theater at LOHS’s production of Beauty and the Beast on Feb. 16, 17, 22, 23 and 24. 

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