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The award winning student newspaper of Lake Oswego High School

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The award winning student newspaper of Lake Oswego High School

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    City League Update

    As the City League season has been progressing, a lot of changes have

    been made in reference to  standings and team aspirations. Teams like Team Big Money, Air Balls and Bronny Babes all currently sit at the top of the leaderboard for their City League division. 

    Team Big Money currently has 100 points with a 7-0 win-loss ratio in the boys 11-12th grade division. The top teams are Walmart Withdrawals, Fruit Hoops, Crackerjacks, Guap Giddy, The Frijolitos, Yeat Elite, Team Benazzi and Team Big Money in first. Team Benazzi is a LO team as well, with seniors Travis Weischadle, Matthew Altman, Max Reckerman, Jackson Reich, Matt Layne, Kade Kaluza, Mason Silbaugh, Vince Williams, Ben Weiner, Jack Isackson and Nick Benazzi. 

    Travis Weischadle introduced how Team Benazzi came together, explaining: “we are a combination of two city leagues teams from last year that combined into one.” This combined team has big goals for the season. “Our goal for this season is to win the league as we believe we have a really great shot.” explains Weischadle, who further affirms, “City league is always a fun and focused environment, where we can bring out our competitive side…We feel pretty solid about the season so far as we are currently 5-1, but the job is not finished.”

    The leaderboard for 9-10 boys currently is as follows: Jolshootahs, Swish, Drip City, Yu Feng Prep, Pooh Sheisty Elite, Haunted Hill Hoopers, Harby’s Barbies, The Juice and Air Balls in first. 

    The Juice is a team that originates from LOHS, with sophomores Eamon Mooney, Merik Adler, Owen Durnin, Caden Gerritz, Owen Vance, Drew Woolworth, Zahyire Lear, Harrison Rabb and Tino Flores. The team, currently in second, has a strong goal, explains sophomore Harrison Rabb, to win the playoffs. Rabb added on, “Our team is led by one of the most dominant basketball players of all time, Owen Durnin. Our season has been going well… [and] City league has been a lot of fun and really enjoyable.” 

    In the girls 9-12th grade division, Bronny Babes is currently in the lead with a 6-1 win-loss ratio. The current standings for the Girls 9-12th grade division are Basket Ballin’ Ladies, Gronk Ballers, Britt Barbie, Air Ballaz, Diva Dunkers, Jail Blazers, Dunkaroos, Alley-Oops and Bronny Babes in first. Both Alley-Oops and Bronny Babes are LOHS originated teams. 

    Bronny Babes is made up of seniors Lia Komitor, Mairin Kelly, Sadie Gardener, Anslee Bennett, Sydney Lim, Halle Sequeira, Anjali Cherian and Alix Shipton and juniors Sasha Clopton, Makena Hammond, Berit Ballew, and Julia Joseph. This mixed team of juniors and seniors provides a variety of experience being brought to the court in their favor. Junior Berit Ballew exclaimed, “City league has been so fun for me and it’s such a great experience being able to play with and against so many of my friends.” 

    Senior Anjali Cherian agrees, “…the season is going very well, we have quite the talent on our team and have been winning which makes it really fun and enjoyable.” Ballew and Anjali both agreed the Bronny Babe’s biggest goal is to “win the league.” Stay tuned and watch for results throughout this exciting City League season.

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