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    Royal Caribbean makes waves with new 9 month cruise

    Need a break from home? Want to visit new countries at a rapid rate? I might have just the solution for you. Royal Caribbean has crafted The Ultimate World Cruise that will visit all four corners of the world in one extensive voyage. 

    When it comes to booking this cruise, there are a plethora of options. You are able to choose the one and only World Cruise, which includes 247 nights aboard the boat, 11 world wonders and over 60 countries across the globe. There is also a four segment option on the same voyage, which allows the person booking to choose a corner of the map and explore it extensively while aboard the Serenade of the Seas. Each of the four segments includes 60+ nights of exploration into the world’s natural wonders. Lastly, there is an option in which you could choose to hop on the boat for up to 28 nights in order to explore a much smaller but ever so fascinating place on earth. 

    The first segment of the World Cruise is called the Ultimate Americas Cruise and it began on Dec. 10, 2023. This segment lasts 64 nights and visits 36 destinations. The ship departed from Miami, Florida, and will eventually explore Mexico, Barbados, The Bahamas,  Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Antarctica, Chile and Peru. And that’s all before February! The voyage continues to visit many more countries before docking in Los Angeles on Feb. 11, 2024, to recuperate before the next segment. 

    Segment Two: The Ultimate Asia Pacific Cruise. 87 nights. 40 destinations. Beginning Feb. 11, the same day the previous segment travelers depart, segment two will reach Hawaii, various destinations in French Polynesian, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines, China, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, India and Dubai. This segment ends on May 9 in Dubai. 

    As if all of this doesn’t already sound incredible enough, we’re only halfway through the journey. Segment three is the Ultimate Middle East and Mediterranean Cruise. It features 44 destinations in a span of just 63 nights. The locations include Jordan, Egypt, Cyprus, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, Croatia and Spain. This segment is packed full of history as it offers multiple guided tours around the Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, The Parthenon in Greece, The Temple of Artemis in Turkey and The Colosseum in Rome. This educational and scenic vacation will end July 10 for segment travelers, however, those taking part in the full cruise still have one full segment ahead of them. 

    The final segment of The Ultimate World Cruise is called The Ultimate Europe and Beyond Cruise. As you can imagine, this voyage visits every European country imaginable via boat, all in 63 nights. This trip contains 40 destinations, including the following countries: Spain, Morocco, Portugal, Ireland, France, England, Denmark, Germany, Latvia, Sweden, Lituania, Norway, The Netherlands and Iceland before circling back to Miami on Sept. 10 for the end of the 247 night cruise. 

    Sign me up! This cruise is an opportunity of a lifetime. Most people don’t see more than a few states in their lifetime, let alone countries. Research shows that the average American will reach 1-10 countries throughout their whole lives. Passengers on this cruise will see more than 60 in less than a year. 

    The full world cruise costs anywhere from $60k-$117k per person, depending on the room you purchase. The booking of the cruise also includes a business class flight to the starting location of the cruise, a hotel stay and gala before the departure of your cruise, a shore excursion at each of the seven wonders of the world, a deluxe beverage package aboard the boat, laundry washing and folding service, WIFI and a gratuity fee. Overall, the average person spends around $2.5k for an international vacation. Keeping at that price for visiting 60 countries would be roughly $150k, and on the boat, you are getting room service, meals and guided tours without the stress of planning your entire trip yourself. It’s all handled. 

    Although it is expensive and takes an extensive amount of time, this cruise is bound to be something you will never forget. And no worries if you can’t just pack your bags and hop on the boat. Most of us can’t. Instead, you can follow one or many internet personalities who are able to participate in the journey and keep up with their adventures. You can also go to the Royal Caribbean website and sign up for World Cruise updates just to stay in the know. 

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