A new effort to combat defaulters

With the start of second semester comes the return of flexisched and support seminar. Last semester, many students used support seminar as a study hall or a time to meet with teachers and get help. However, many students simply defaulted or didn’t attend support seminar at all. This semester Principal Rollin Dickinson has a renewed interest in support seminar. 

“I want to see teachers actively requesting students or interventions and enrichment, and I want to see students actively signing up for things that would be helpful for them,” said Dickinson.

The goal of support seminar is to be a purposeful and helpful time for students and Dickinson wants to help make scheduling easier for the students. 

“What we are going to do is at the end of announcements on Monday and Friday is have everyone get out their phones and do it. Just to make sure that we all have something that we are signed up for.”

Dickinson wants more students to be proactive in signing up for activities that will help them and spark their interest instead of just defaulting to their A2 class.

“A lot of students have been signing up which is awesome but we have had more and more students defaulting and that kind of messes up the whole thing. Support seminar can be a lot more than that,” stated Dickinson. 

We are halfway through the school year and heading into the home stretch. This semester, remember to sign up for support seminar and enjoy the moment.

“Keep rocking it, have fun, enjoy learning, enjoy the people that we are around, we go to an amazingly cool high school with amazingly cool people. Sometimes we just have to recognize that and keep enjoying the whole experience.”