Conan Gray stops the show

Conan Gray is a 21-year-old social media influencer and musician. He is best known for his EP “Sunset Season.” He has begun his second tour, called the Comfort Crowd Tour. Since his first tour, the Sunset Shows Tour, he has gained much more media traction.

When I first saw him last year in the Comfort Crowd Tour, he was just beginning his journey in the music industry. On December 8 this year, I saw him at the Roseland Theatre. It sold out, and was a much larger venue than the one he performed in the previous year.

Even in the different setting, I was happy to see him perform with the same energy and form a connection with his crowd. I have been to quite a few concerts in my lifetime, and Conan Gray performs like no other. I have no clue where he gets his insurmountable amounts of energy even after being on tour for months. He dances and springs around the stage like a chihuahua on Five Hour Energy. He performs every song with meaning and liveliness, even when he’s performed them countless times, making every second of the concert entertaining and impactful.

Since I first saw him in concert, I can tell he is happier and more confident than before. He has said that he is happier now than he has ever been in his life. He has also developed his own sound and style, and seems to have a confidence that comes with performing over and over again. As someone who has been following him for years, I am glad to see him grow and progress as a human and as a musician.