Lauren Joyce releases new song

Senior Lauren Joyce is known around the school for her superstar singing at assemblies, sporting events and in the choir.  She was awarded this year with an All- Northwest team for her efforts in Windjammers.  During winter break, Joyce decided that she wanted to add to her resume and release a song.  When asked what gave her the inspiration to write the song, she responded, “I was looking out at the sunset and clouds, and the clouds looked like cotton candy… so I scribbled down a poem really quick. A couple minutes later the tune came to my head and I recorded a voice memo.”

Joyce decided to name the single after the inspiration of the song.  The title of it will be “Cotton Candy Clouds.”  Joyce said that she has “put up covers of songs on her Instagram before but never something like this” and also explained how it is a bit nerve wracking.  “It is a little nerve wracking just because I do not know how it is going to be received.  It is more of a indie-folk, song which is not hot right now, but I really think people will like it.”

Joyce never said an explicit release date but said that it will be released very soon on all available platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc).  She also previewed an EP that she said will come out “hopefully before I graduate” in late May.  Make sure to check it out!