The drama department prepares for One Acts

The 2020 One Acts production recently began rehearsing for their March shows.

The performance will feature four one act plays, all directed by seniors.

The performance features “Boxes,” directed by Maggie Madziarczyk; “Check Please,” directed by Destiny Hazeri; “Cheaper Than Therapy,” directed by Kelly Simmons; and “To Be Young Again,” written and directed by Julia Dragu.

Auditions took place Jan. 28 and 29, with call-backs on Jan. 30.

“The auditions were really fun” said sophomore Logan Ducker. “The first day, we just read random scenes without any context, and then read scenes from the actual plays on the next two days,” Ducker said.

The auditions were also a unique experience for the first-time directors.  “It was really different being on the other side of the table,” she said, “I get to see how taking risks and making choices really pays off as an actor.”  Simmons has participated in drama throughout high school, and is now directing “Cheaper than Therapy,” a two person comedy about a newly engaged couple.

Rehearsals began the following week, with performers receiving, memorizing, and practicing their scripts. The process has gone smoothly so far.

“The first week, we did a page a day. I’d give them the blocking, talk about characterization, and then we’d run it a couple times and I’d give notes,” said Simmons, “I really like having complete creative liberty.”

As an actor, Ducker enjoys working with the directors. “It’s really fun because you’ve known them so it’s almost like working with your friends,” he said.

Bob McGranahan, head of the LOHS Drama Department, has a unique perspective on both the acting and directing aspects of the performance. “With One Acts, the kids do it. It’s really rewarding for me, as a teacher, to see kids who have learned it and are doing it so well.”

The performances will take place on March 12-14 in the Black Box Theater.