Annual food drive fundraiser: yes we CAN

This month students took part in the annual food drive. From Dec 9 through Dec 20, students have brought and continue to bring food, both boxed and canned, for Hunger Fighters Oregon. “Senior Class Leadership is running the drive this year,  just as years’ past,” said senior vice president Nick Surina. “We don’t just run the school wide food drive, Leadership also volunteers in front of local grocery stores…and participate in a neighborhood bag drop off, to collect cans from other LO residents.”

A years-old tradition, a few changes were implemented this time around. Instead of giving the cans to their A2 period, students competed by grade. The staff was also included, competing with each year of students for victory. “It’s a good way to get them involved,” said senior class secretary Ellie Nicoll. “They seem to be a hard force to reckon with.” As usual, there is a prize for the winner. Whatever class won got out 15 minutes early today, and if the staff won they got a catered teriyaki lunch.

Students were also able to donate money, using either cash, or for the first time, Venmo. “It’s really easy,” said Nicoll, “and you don’t need to have anything on you.” So far, it seems Venmo has been a great tool for donations.  With each dollar donated corresponding to three cans, the power of Venmo in the drive is not to be underestimated. “It’s very successful, we already have about $1,050 so far,” said Nicoll.

As of this Wednesday, the Seniors were in the lead with 1467 cans, but the total drive has collected is 7,000. We hope to collect 30,000 by the end.