Take part in Canned Food Drive Spirit Week

This year, LOHS is combining the end of the Canned Food Drive with an exciting Spirit Week. Senior class Secretary Ellie Nicoll, who plays a key role in publicizing the program, explained, “We really wanted to have the Canned Food Drive be a more spirited event. Especially as the senior class, we have a great opportunity to influence the rest of the school to follow suit.”

Since the Drive is now a competition between the different grades and the staff (rather than between individual classes), Leadership was inspired to have a Class Colors Day on Wednesday to heighten the competition between grades. Freshmen are encouraged to wear blue, sophomores white, juniors black, seniors red, and staff green. “We just want to hype this up as much as possible, while celebrating the start of Winter Break … and not having school,” said Nicoll.

Donate to @LOHS-CANS on the Venmo app ($1 = 3 cans) or hand in physical cans to your grade’s collection bins. The team that wins will receive a 20-minute early release and an ice cream party on Friday. Let’s finish 2019 strong!

Celebrate our last week before Winter Break and dress up!

Monday is Twin Day: wear the same clothes as someone!

Tuesday is Cozy Day: receive free cereal during lunch for participating.

Wednesday is for wearing your Class Colors.

Thursday is Candy Cane Day: wear red and white for some free candy canes.

Friday is Ugly Sweater Day: get out those dusty sweaters!