What to expect for Homecoming 2019

This year homecoming will be held on Saturday, Oct. 5 from 9-11 p.m. in the school library. 

After school on Friday will be the homecoming parade in downtown Lake Oswego. For each grade, there will be a float presented (in order of class). Followed by the floats will be the band, fall sports and clubs.

Decided by the junior class officers, this year’s float theme is Pixar movies. The floats themes are: “Monsters Inc.” for the freshmen, “Ratatouille” for the sophomores, “Finding Nemo” for the juniors and “Up” for the seniors. On each float will be the two students announced at the assembly the prior week as the homecoming royalty for their grade, with the exception of the senior class which will have three students. The students include: freshmen Stella Walsh and Alex Aghdaei, sophomores Ariana Rad and Blaise Heher, juniors Jack Thompson and Sydney Seymour, and seniors Diyar Dezay, Alicia Lopez and Yoonie Chen. 

Following the parade will be a white-out themed football game beginning at 7 p.m.. The lakers will be playing against Clackamas. At half time the homecoming royalty will be called on to the field, escorted by a parent, family member or friend. On the field will be a box for each member of the Court to open. Inside are balloons, one box holding a different color than the rest. Whoever receives the different colored balloon will be crowned. Although a court member in any grade could be crowned, the honor is traditionally won by a senior. 

Decorations at the dance will not be related to the Pixar theme. Instead, there will be classic party decorations, such as streamers and colorful lights. The aspects of the library will be hidden to give a party atmosphere.

Employees from Portland Photo Party will be running a photo booth. The DJ will be DJ Digital Hitz (a professional DJ from Washington).There will be large jugs of water with cups provided, but no other food or drink. Outside food and drinks are not allowed inside the dance and bags and coats will be collected before entering the dance. Because the library can get hot from people, there will be fans running throughout the time of the dance. 

Good luck to the football team on Friday and have fun at Homecoming!