Lecture series during seminar an interesting opportunity

Makenna Klein

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The Link Crew Leadership Class, led by teacher Lisa Evonuk, decided to invite certain leaders from the community to talk to students during support seminar.

Evonuk explained that her Link Crew Leadership class chose the series’ five speakers: Miles K. Davis, the President of Linfield College, who spoke on Dec. 4; Kent Studebaker, the Mayor of Lake Oswego, who spoke on the Dec.10; Jonathan More, a local entrepreneur, who spoke on Dec. 17; and Don Johnson, Fire Chief of LO, who will speak on Jan 8. Finally, Officer Sheldon, the School Resource Officer, is speaking on Jan. 15.

When asked about the hoped outcome of inviting these speakers, Evonuk responds, “The idea is that if the kids go and watch a couple different people, maybe somebody will speak to you. You might connect to someone’s message and start thinking critically about what you are doing now and how it can affect you later. Also, I hope it encourages people to develop their leadership skills.”

Evonuk explained how she enjoys, “seeing who the students think of as leaders.” Although, she stated that if she were to do this again she would make sure that all the speakers are not male,  elaborating, “there are obviously women in high leadership roles.”

Evonuk went on to mention that Meadow Lemon, known on campus as “Coach,” has helped in the process of getting the speakers to come in, due to his connections with people in the Lake Oswego Community.

Overall, Evonuk hopes that having community leaders speak to students will ignite inspiration amongst the student body to be initiative and advance their leadership skills.