Flexisched appears to have its issues, only when 1300 kids don’t sign up.

Me, oh I don’t sleep with one eye open ‘cause I don’t sleep. Thank you Junior Year. xoxo you’re death.

Thankfully our lockdown was only 45 minutes, so we didn’t have to pull out the orange buckets and toilet paper.

Slow it down with the Christmas music, guys, turkey season is gobble gobble going too dang fast.

If “Okay, Boomer” is too much of an insult, please consider using these alternatives: “10-4 Dinosaur,” “Yeth, breath like death,” “Alrighty, tighty whitey,” “Okie dokey, about to croakey,” and “See ya later, crusty tater”

Petition to start a lettuce club that meets once a year and whoever eats the head of lettuce the fastest is the president, please sign here and contact your legislature: _____________________________

I feel comfortable enough here to say I have an illness, correction, have had an illness for the past two years: freshmanitis.

We’ll only have a week and one day off of school this month. No School November isn’t holding up to its name when all we really want is a week and one day of school.