Orchestra and band prepare for first-ever TRL festival entry

Sophia Wang, Editor-In-Chief

On April 16, the Wind Ensemble and Symphony Orchestra will combine to compete at the TRL Orchestra Festival for the first time in LOHS history. Orchestra teacher Eri Nogueira and band teacher Kevin Rouse first started preparations for the event over the summer, carefully selecting three ambitious pieces for students to play.

“The full orchestra will give an opportunity for students to be able to play music that they’re not going to really get to play in a band class or an orchestra class,” described Rouse.

The rehearsal process started in early February, with hour-long practices before school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Because band and orchestra are also competing in their separate TRL events along with independently preparing for the Solo and Ensemble Festival, the combined orchestra event demands an even larger commitment.

Despite the extra workload, the teachers expressed their excitement for collaboration, emphasizing the rewards of coming together to play as a full orchestra.

Nogueria added, “It’s such a great opportunity for the orchestra students to play with woodwinds and brass… to listen to the different colors and voices- something that they’re not so used to doing.”

With the aim of expanding repertoire and providing an additional challenge to motivated students in symphony orchestra and wind ensemble, Nogueira hopes the full orchestra will become an annual tradition.

She stated, “I’m really looking forward to having a positive experience with these students, to have something new that they can feel successful with.”