Sanders drops out, Biden becomes official Democratic Nominee

Olivia Ellerbruch and

With Covid-19 controlling the majority of news, the presidential election seems to be going under the radar. On April 8, Senator Bernie Sanders announced that he would be ending his presidential campaign. This made former Vice President Joe Biden the primary candidate for the Democratic party. While it seemed obvious that this would happen due to the surprising amount of delegates Biden got during the primary, many democrats were disheartened and upset about this news. Sanders was especially loved by the younger voters for his very progressive positions- such as universal healthcare, free college tuition and more laws for action on climate change. Biden is seen as a moderate, which helped him gain more votes as he was able to appeal to a broader amount of people- because not every democrat is wanting the progressive ideas that Sanders suggested.

 Having a moderate and a progressive as the two Democratic candidates was having people fear a large divide in the Democratic party; similar to what many think that President Trump has done to the Republican party. While many Republicans clearly love the President, many conservatives feel as though he represents them wrongly and isn’t a true conservative. 

Biden has spoken out about many things that has Democrats enthusiastic about the future; ending capital punishment, raising federal minimum wage to $15 an hour, college tuition being free for two years and universal background checks for people considering purchasing a firearm. In order to accommodate many of Sanders’ supporters, the two have been coming together to make plans that appease a larger majority of the Democratic party.