Kurt Schrader stands against stimulus bill


Olivia Ellerbruch, Editor-In-Chief

 U.S. Representative Kurt Schrader was one of two Democrats who voted against a second stimulus check for $2000 on Dec. 21. Schrader is the Representative of Oregon’s Fifth Congressional District, which includes much of the Oregon coast, Salem and suburban towns outside of Portland. He is known for voting similar to other Democrats and is also known for his proactive stance on climate change policies. 

Schrader’s reason for voting against it is his claim that far too many people would be getting money who do not truly need it. Instead, he suggested that the proposed stimulus payments be arranged towards programs that truly need it, such as childcare or social security for the unemployed. Schrader also noted that incomes for taxpayers will be determined by past tax filings, which raises the concern that someone who gets a stimulus check could actually be earning more money than they had in previous years. 

The average household income in Oregon is $63,000, and in most of the suburbs that Schrader represents it is much higher. So many have suffered during the pandemic due to unexpected events, and to Schrader, finding these specific families and using the checks effectively is more important than universal stimulus. 

Ultimately, Schrader’s vote in the House did not matter because Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell blocked the vote for another round of stimulus.  President Elect Joe Biden has announced that he does plan to ask for a second stimulus package of $2,000 once he takes office.