Winter formal? Try spring fling!

Ava Brenden, Opinions Editor

Winter formal has been postponed to March 5 this year, and has been rebranded as “Spring Fling.” Historically, the Winter Formal dance was a tradition that made its appearance right after finals. Though advertised as a formal, the dance is essentially a winter version of homecoming. Traditionally planned by the sophomores, this dance had unofficially been in the works for a bit before the dance was officially postponed. 

According to Sophomore class officers Lana Dezay, Lauren Vance and Sam Lines, the dance will happen at Oaks Parks Dance Pavilion, and will have strict COVID policies. “ Masks are going to be a big part of [the] dance,” said Dezay. Vaccination cards or negative tests may be considered as the dance approaches, but there has been no decisive answer on that issue as of yet. 

According to the class officers, Spring Fling will effectively be the same thing as Winter Formal, just now in the spring. Dezay said, “I feel like it allows us to be more creative since we’ve never had one in the past. The only different thing about it is that it’s in a different time than usual and it’s not winter themed.” Dezay continued, “I’m super excited though and can’t wait to show everyone what we’ve been working on!” 

Right now, the dance is not canceled, unlike homecoming. However, the school will need to be in a safe enough state leading up to the dance to ensure it takes place.