LOHS’ Spring Fling is a Spring Success!


Natalie Foss, Editor-in-Chief

On Saturday Mar. 5, LOHS students attended the first ever Spring Fling at the Oaks Park Dance Pavilion organized by the Sophomore Class. The dance had a large turn out and several festivities, including a photo booth as well as a live DJ. 

Almost 500 tickets were sold between sales at the door and in advance. Sophomore class secretary and treasurer, Lauren Vance, one of the coordinators of this event said, “It was the most people we’ve had buy tickets within the last many years.” Spring Fling was the first official school dance after the pandemic and many were excited to attend as it was another step in the right direction to return to normalcy. 

Vance continued, “Upperclassmen have said it was fun to get back into dances and underclassmen have said it was a positive experience attending a school dance for the first time!” 

Although it is unsure whether Spring Fling will be made an annual event or not, other school dances such as Homecoming are planned to remain traditional. Vance went on to say, “I think that decision will be up to next year’s leadership class. I do assume that in the next few years [when the dance won’t be postponed due to COVID] people will want to go back to what is considered ‘normal’ and call the dance Winter Formal.”