LOHS Drama takes state

Josh Tae, Staffer

From Mar. 31 to Apr. 2, eight people from the LOHS drama department are making their way to state, held in Salem. The competition consists of multiple categories for students to compete in and also tons of workshops, shows and ceremonies to keep everyone busy. It’s a self-guided convention that allows both competitors and spectators to enjoy all of the activities and facilities the community has to offer. 

The Oregon Thespians assemble a panel of both professionals and local judges in order to perform a fair judging. It is important to the association for students to be judged on an equal playing field so they are quite strict on costumes. In an attempt to eliminate bias, the panel requires an all-black clothing ensemble and zero background information to create a blank slate, giving each student their own chance. 

This year, senior Sarah Watson is competing with senior Chanel White in the pantomime category. With her  last attendance being as a freshmen, she has high expectations for the competition this year, especially with the nostalgic “Pixie Hollow” theme. Watson said, “Instead of big parties, they’re doing games and events so a lot of people are dressing up for the whole weekend.” 

This year, many students are competing both on their own and in groups. Along with Watson and White, seniors Erin Bowers, Samanta Cuallo, and juniors Andrew Huang, Julia Martin and Luisa Garamvolgy-mamede are all competing at state this year.

After placing as a top finalist in her category, duo musical theater, junior Elisabeth Firmin unfortunately did not qualify for state. But that isn’t stopping her from attending in support of her friends and peers. Firmin said, “The theater experience is really different from a lot of other competitions. I’ve made a bunch of new friends and everyone is super nice. No one will judge you and it’s amazing to see the support and all of the talent.” Her experience at regionals was extremely positive and special and she is looking forward to the non-competitive side to state: “The experience is so much more important than the scores. I would definitely go back multiple times.”