We’ll miss you, Ms. Moscato!

Andrea Yang, Editor-in-Chief

Former attendance secretary Tammy Moscato has started the next chapter of her journey as Head Secretary of Lake Grove Elementary. Her last day at LOHS was on Nov. 15, and her first day at her new position was on Nov. 18.

On leaving, Moscato noted, “It was a really hard decision for me to make. I knew I would miss you all so much.” While at LOHS, her duties extended far beyond keeping track of student attendance to making TikToks with seniors Jake Archambo and Diyar Dezay and eating lunch with students in the cafeteria.

Her time at LOHS was filled with “brief moments … of exciting interaction.” Based on these experiences, she remarked, “We just have to love and support each other.”

Some interview highlights:

What will you miss most about LOHS?
My lovely students. I love that you taught me about TikTok, I love that I’ve gotten great mascara tips … Also, we have the greatest staff here; it’s unfortunate that I didn’t get to see all of the staff members personally, but there are so many people here that are invested in your betterment. They come here because they want what’s best for you.

Everybody should have somebody.

Why did you decide to switch up where you had lunch every day?
I love eating in the cafeteria with students. I like to look for kids who are eating by themselves so I know to connect them with somebody so they don’t have to eat alone. Everybody should have somebody. With teachers, so much of our interaction was via email, and I just really wanted to know them as people. Since we all take lunch at the same time, it worked out really well for me to “invite myself” to eat with different departments. They were all welcoming and loving, and they really, really made it wonderful for me.

What was your favorite part about working here?
My whole life, all I ever wanted to do was be a mom. My older son is away at college, and my younger son is leaving for college this summer. I just wasn’t ready to give up having kids in my life. I was so lucky to be here and gain 1300 more kids of my own. I am a better mother and a better person for having spent time here with you all.

Everyone’s high school experience is so different, and I just wanted to make sure that anyone who was near me or around me knew that they were special, that they mean something and that they’re important to me. If I did that here, then I succeeded in everything I wanted to do. Now the time has come to go somewhere else, but my heart is open to 415 new kids I will gain.

Will you be coming back to LOHS to visit?
I’ve asked for a graduation ticket to help hand out diplomas that evening. Also, I can take my lunch at Lake Grove and whip over here during your lunch and be a part of things — [all] because I will never not love you guys.

What will you be looking forward to at Lake Grove?
I’m looking forward to meeting a whole new staff, and I’m looking forward to meeting all the “little people” who attend school there. When kids arrive at school in the morning or leave in the afternoon, it’s called being “on deck.” We make sure that they’re getting in the right vehicle, that they’re on the right bus. I’m excited to spend time “on deck” — meeting parents and kids and familiarizing myself with them.

Words of advice?
Always be kind to each other, no matter what.
Always take the high road. It’s often treacherous and far less traveled, but the view is splendid.
The choices you make define the person you are.
Who’s better than you? The answer: no one.