LOHS student musicians take All-State

Serena Lum, Editor-in-Chief

Eighteen LOHS student musicians from choir, orchestra and band took All-State. This program run by the Oregon Music Education Association gathers students from all around Oregon to perform together with renowned conductors.

Winners from choir were seniors Lauren Joyce, Ryan Miller, Abigail Brown, Kelly Simmons and Kai Lion, junior Alex LaFrance, sophomores Samuel Waxman, Lucy Christensen, Logan Ducker and Ruby Hyun and freshmen Mateus Wehn and Faith Walker. From orchestra they were senior Joseph Tackach, juniors Christine Youn and Gene Liu and sophomore Steven Peng. And finally in band, junior Gabe Porter and sophomore Luke Pancoast were awarded this opportunity.

Tackach gave some insight into the audition process.

“We got the audition materials over the summer. Which is like a few excerpts from the pieces you are going to play and some other stuff. And you have to rehearse those over the summer and prepare some solo literature,” Tackach said. “Then you audition, do some scales, play the pieces and play your solo literature. And then hopefully you get picked for the All-State.”

“It’s pretty fun,” Liu said. “It’s kind of a stressful weekend but it’s also really fun because you get to hang out with friends.”