Volleyball loses something worse: their coach

Volleyball is at a loss, but not because of their league record. Varsity volleyball coach and re engagement specialist Leejay Lee has now been gone for almost two weeks.

“We were just told he was on administrative leave,” said senior Julia Woolf. “It’s for his privacy. We don’t know anything about it.”

Volleyball players have been given little information.

Junior Kaitlin Onaitis said, “Baker said we weren’t allowed to be in contact with him or him be in contact with us.”

On Sept. 25, after nearly a week of Corring Fallau, the former assistant coach, stepping in, Brigham Baker shed some light on the situation.

Junior Mckenna Joyce said, “Baker came in and talked to us. He [just] said, ‘We can’t tell you any information right now.’ It’s all confidential right now.”

Baker declined to comment.