Senior Elliot Lloyd sews masks for a community in need

Free masks delivered and hand made


Elliot Lloyd

An array of patterns of homemade masks.

Recently, the CDC advised that all Americans should wear a face mask when out in public. Now, getting your hands on a face mask is increasingly difficult as the demand increases. In order to combat this issue along with the added price problem, senior Elliot Lloyd has begun making and giving away hand sewn masks to anyone in need.

“I’ve been sewing since I was really young, and I just always have a lot of fabric lying around,” Lloyd said. “I was talking with a lot of my friends and realized a lot of people didn’t have access to masks who needed them, so I decided to start sewing masks.”

Like the many LOHS students that have been using their time in quarantine to give back to the community, Lloyd is making an effort to reach out to more than the Lake Oswego residency.

“[I have made masks for] primarily Lake Oswego and Portland residents,” Lloyd explained. “But I’ve also mailed some masks [to] other places and I’m happy to mail or deliver to anyone who asks.”

They have been mainly using fabric already in their possession, but they have some recommendations if you want to make one yourself.

“It’s a lot easier than it looks!” Lloyd advised. “If you have an old t-shirt and sewing supplies, you can make a mask out of that and there’s a lot of free patterns online.”

These masks are completely free, a completely altruistic act for the fight against coronavirus. If you want a mask yourself, contact @elliott_lloyd61 on Instagram or email them at [email protected].